Your Own Radio Show and Content Marketing

Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers. Wikipedia says so.

Another definition… “the technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined target audience in order to drive profitable customer action”. So says the content marketing institute.

Content marketing, which has been used effectively by forward thinking marketers for decades has now been “discovered” and is a hip and happening buzzword to describe something that has been around forever.

When you have your own radio show, you have an opportunity to leverage content marketing for all it is worth. Whether your show is distributed by a terrestrial station, online or via podcast it is a serious tipping point that enables you, if you use it properly, to significantly disrupt your competitive marketplace for your personal client attraction advantage.

Particularly if you are a professional services provider, sell specialty products or have a niche area of expertise, having your own radio show enables you to implement content marketing on steroids, if you do it right.

If you do it right.

Lets focus on the content marketing institute definition above as it applies to having your own radio show and leveraging it for it’s full content marketing advantage.

attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined target audience”

Lets start with the clearly defined audience part.

Many who start with their own radio show tend to feel that they have to appeal to “listeners,” or “anyone that might buy” from them. That overly broad thinking costs you focus and traction within your most valuable demographic.

The definition described “a clearly defined target audience.” Your radio show should be focused squarely on them.

Not any listener that happens to be surfing, not anyone that might possibly hire you for any purpose for any amount, but “a clearly defined target audience.”

I’m assuming that your objective is not to attract hordes of below average customers. Your goal is probably not to attract those that pay less, have unreasonable expectations and deliver little profit.

To take full marketing advantage of your radio show you must clearly define the clients or customers you wish to attract.

Do you seek to attract those that are comfortable paying $25,000 fees or those that have to stretch to pay $2,000?

$15,000 projects or $1,000 projects?

Someone that will buy from your repetitively over a longer period of time or a small one-time transaction?

If you are going to benefit from your own radio show you must be locked in on an exact definition of the client or customer you seek to attract to build your business and grow profits.

Those that pay $25,000 fees, have $15,000 projects and buy repeatedly from the same source, think and make decisions differently than those that write smaller checks. Those are the people you are creating content for.

You Don’t Want to Have Your Own Radio Show and Be a Marketing Moron

For those of you that are thinking “wait a minute. I have a lot of good smaller clients. I don’t want to miss out on them.” I have two points. First, you are a marketing moron. Admit it. Second. Thinking that way dooms you to the salt mines of your business or profession. You are trying to elevate your business, not stay trapped in the hamster wheel of mediocrity (or worse.) Here is a tip that will help if you think that way. You’ll find the Ramen in aisle 6.

When you have your own radio show  you should focus on creating content for a clearly defined target audience that will elevate your business. The lower quality less desirable clients will follow and you can pick and choose among them if you wish.

Your Radio Show Enables you to “Attract, acquire and engage” your clearly defined target audience.

How does your clearly defined target audience makes decisions? What are they looking for. You must be “findable” by your target audience so you should select topics and structure your shows so that what you talk about multiplies into different formats so that you are more “findable” by your target audience and can attract them to you.


Once a member of your select target audience finds you they must be engaged. You must present the issues prominent on their minds. The client that may write a $25,000 check expects certain topics, covered more thoroughly and more of it, than someone who might write a $2,000 check.

You must not only present the issues necessary to engage your very carefully defined target audience but you must be building trust and confidence in your abilities. It is one thing to wax eloquently on a topic but you also engage your prospects by who you interview and the company you keep. Your own radio show presents you with a unique opportunity to interview news-makers, experts, authors and people prominent in your field.

Does your target audience pay more attention to you when you are rubbing elbows with famous people and industry authorities? You betcha.


You are not doing content marketing right unless you are acquiring new business you otherwise would not have. To have any chance to acquire a client they must identify themselves to you. This is something you engineer, it does not just happen.

You must engineer the path by which your carefully defined high worth clearly defined target audience identifies itself to you and willingly participates in steps that will logically lead to them becoming a client or account.

You can use offers, bonuses, info packs, opt-in forms, calls to action, downloads, automated touches, sequenced marketing and many other tools and techniques to increase the odds of a client conversion.

Content marketing is about client attraction and acquisition. No new clients? Your marketing is not doing it’s job and you need to improve it or use different techniques.

In summary, having your own radio show is content marketing on steroids. Your radio show is part of the marketing puzzle and not the total answer.

Start with having your own radio show.

Plan your content with your carefully selected target audience in mind.

Know how you are going to multiply that content into other formats to become findable and attract desired new clients.

Once they find you talk to their specific needs and satisfy them that you are worth interacting with.

You need to acquire them so make it easy for them to identify themselves to you and willingly become part of some sort of touch system calculated to convert them from a prospect to a client.

Once you do it.
Do it over and over again.

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