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Learn Strategies to Create, Distribute, Market, Advertise, Monetize and Profit
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Learn the how-to's, what NOT to do's, marketing techniques, costs and how to generate revenue streams by having your own show.

You can Gain Recognition, Expert Status, Clients, Customers and Revenue Streams... with your own talk radio show.

RIGHT NOW... LEARN... what it costs... equipment needs... how hard is it to get guests... how to distribute your show... how to make money if nobody listens on-air...differences between having a radio show and other marketing strategies... how it is part of your "exposure" plan... easiest way to record your show... how potential clients and prospects reach to you... how to increase fees and revenue when you have expert status... how to interview top experts and authors in your field... how a radio show attracts clients and customers to you, doesn't pull them like other marketing methods... how people get pre-sold on you... why the best most profitable type A clients are more likely to hire you... biggest surprises of those who have their own show... and much more.


1. Tutorial
Step-by-step strategies to create, market and profit from having your own talk radio show.
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2. 30 Top Tips From Others that Grew Their Business by Hosting Their Own Radio Show.
Show organization, bloopers to avoid, guests, marketing, more.

3. Audio downloads
Tips, marketing strategies, interviews. Listen now.

4. Free Guides and Resources
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If other marketing methods are not delivering what you want fast enough...

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If you would like to soon be interviewing and rubbing elbows with industry experts...

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