Infopreneuring with Your Own Radio Show

How to use a radio show to get “famous,” recognition as an expert and grow your business a lot very quickly…. Or….

How to attract “type A” clients, collect premium fees, create new income streams, be perceived as an expert, and secure a competitive advantage in the marketplace very cost-effectively.

Your own radio show. A dream. A wish for “someday.” As only those who have “made it” have radio shows.


A radio show is what can enable you to “make it.” You don’t gain mere exposure in the media, you become the media.

If you have a business or are starting a business, if you have knowledge, expertise or passion about any topic, your own radio show can deliver right now… for less cost than other marketing methods… clients, customers, revenue, sales, inquiries, repeat purchases, referrals and recognition as an “expert” worthy of premium fees and the business of the best, most coveted, most profitable clients and accounts.

But sadly, many professionals, business owners, consultants and information providers will never seriously explore this competition-beating business-building marketing option.

Why? Because they don’t know…

– How easy it is to start a show.
– How simple it is to create.
– That you don’t need broadcast experience.
– How inexpensive it is to start-up.
– How it costs less than a single newspaper ad, most yellow pages ads or mailing 300 letters.
– That you don’t need sponsors or need to sell advertising spots. (In fact, until you reach critical mass, it’s not very smart to try to do so.)

Many assume the existence of barriers to this business building tool that simply don’t exist. And therefore… they lose out… on income, status, competitive advantage and…. In my opinion… the most cost-effective marketing tool there is.

Let’s discuss a laundry list of the advantages that accrue to you (all these can be yours within 30-60 days) when you have your own radio show.

But first, let’s dispense with two commonly held beliefs that distort thinking about leveraging a radio show to build your business.

#1. The belief that people who actually listen to the show live on-air will generate a substantial stream of new business. Wrong.

#2. The belief that you will make money by getting sponsors and selling advertising spots. Not realistic. A major incorrect assumption.

Those who leverage their radio show to build their business think of their show as “content.” The least significant use of this content is to broadcast it on-air. That content is used to generate inquiries, sell, re-sell, and cross-sell specific target groups and an existing client/customer base.

It is the non-radio-broadcast uses of this purposely created content that drives business growth.

Those who make money with a radio show either have products or services to sell or are very determined to create them. You make money by selling your “stuff.” The idea of making money by selling advertising spots on a new show on a local station is extremely limiting thinking and just plain dumb.

Here is what is not dumb — but very real — and could be yours within 30-60 days.

1. You have your own radio show on a station in your local area.

2. You are interviewing national experts, best selling authors and newsmakers in your field. You can get easy access to these people.

3. Your radio show makes you ” a little bit famous.”

4. Rubbing elbows with national authorities and experts in your field lifts the perception of you in the minds of future clients and accounts.

5. You gain recognition as an “expert” and are paid accordingly. You are perceived and recognized as “different” and more worthy of respect and premium fees.

6. Your purposely-selected radio show content acts as cost-effective inquiry generators for qualified new clients/accounts in profitable areas you desire.

7. Due to the credibility of your show and content more of the most desirable “top tier” clients/accounts select you over your competition.

8. You have a tool to educate and inform and communicate value to your current client/account base about all the services and products you provide. You re-sell and cross-sell more.

9. Your radio show “content” can be used to stimulate more referrals. Referrals from satisfied clients are your best source of new business. Your radio show content enables that result.

10. You get all this for less than the cost of 1 newspaper ad per week, less than the cost of mailing 500 letters and far less than the cost of most yellow page advertising.

If you want to grow your current business or a new business by leveraging a radio show for competitive advantage, you need the resources provided to Pro-Access members on this site. Samples, examples, lists of revenue streams, directory of those doing it successfully you can model, tutorials and stuff.

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