Getting Started

Welcome. If you have a business and are using your own radio show for client attraction, positioning, awareness and lead generation… this site will help.

If you have a business and are thinking about getting your own radio show to promote your business or professional services this site will help even more. It will keep you away from common mistakes that can kill a great marketing program and maximize your revenue streams and help you attract the best clients, not just more clients.

Start by reading about my own radio show journey and why I believe having your own radio show is an “unfair” marketing strategy. Properly used it delivers clients and impacts your revenue and fees like no other marketing tool.

From there take advantage of all that is FREE. The Blog with articles about Getting Started, Radio Show Revenue Streams and Radio Show Role Models that successfully use a radio show to promote their business. They share their lessons and mistakes to avoid.

Also FREE… you can listen to live webinars about building your business/selling your professionals services by leveraging the power of having your own radio show.

If you want to go deeper and faster you can dig into the PREMIUM ADVICE.

There is a membersite resource center “” You get virtual training 24/7 and step by step guidance on marketing strategies and creating good radio.

You can also “Hire Scott” to get one on one guidance and attention or attend a local seminar or 2-day intensive bootcamp.

Have questions or need help? Contact us.