Your “Get Started” Radio Show Success Steps

You want to start a radio show.

You want the credibility; you want to be a little bit famous, You want the content to generate leads, attract clients and close more business.

Here are 9 steps to get ready for your first broadcast within 30 days.

Let me use the example of a mortgage company that called me recently thinking of starting a show.

Step 1: Found at the end of this article.

Step 2: Plan Your Content For Your First 13 Shows. (3 months worth.)

First question. How are you going to make money with your show?

Usually, if someone has a business or is starting a business they are looking to sell specific services or products.

In the case of this mortgage firm they are looking to increase sales of three specific service offerings. 1. FHA purchases and refinancing. 2. Renovation/rehab loans. 3. Reverse mortgages.

Knowing that to be the ultimate objective of your radio show, you must create content that would appeal and be genuinely informative to buyers of those services.

So, for each service area you would create a list of info, topics, questions, stories, yada, yada, yada that would appeal to each of those three groups. Then, you would go to or other sources and identify best-selling authors, experts, government officials, industry leaders, people in the news or people who have been through the process and arrange to interview them for your shows.

If you have three service areas you might create 3 or 4 shows around each service offering.

So step 2 is to align your content and guests with your ultimate business purposes. Do you think this mortgage broker will get more accounts if he is interviewing national government officials, best selling authors and industry experts on these topics?

Step 3. Set up your recording capability. What to get. How much will it cost?

Steps 2 and 3 actually take place simultaneously to each other. While you are planning your content you are setting up your recording capability.

Couple of random thoughts here.

– You want high quality recordings. Not complicated. Not expensive. You will use your recordings for many purposes other than radio broadcast. Don’t settle for anything less.

– You will probably record from home/office without live callers. Gives you the flexibility to schedule your interviews conveniently and keep control of your content.

Believe me, spending half a day or more traveling to a local radio station to do a live show few people are listening to gets old real quick. Plus, few will call and those that do rarely contribute something meaningful to your future customers/clients…. so why bother?

– Your recording setup will enable you to do other things and open up other income streams. You can record and create your own audio products. You can record live presentations and speeches to use in your marketing or offer as a product. You can record training/coaching sessions you conduct over the phone and send them

back to the client. Once you have it, your recording capability will make it easy for you to create additional revenue streams… in addition to your radio show.

You need…

1. A sound/mixing board: You need the ability to control/balance volumes and connect other devices to your computer or recorder. The mixer allows you to control each item independently and route your audio to one or several locations. The difference between amateur hour and a professional production.

2. Microphone(s): You will want a good microphone with a stand or boom and a windscreen/pop-filter.

3. Headphones.

4. A telephone digital hybrid: For doing great sounding guest interviews over the phone. A must for conversational audio. Provides separation between the voices and technology that adjusts levels and gets rid of hums, noise and variations. When you use this device it will not sound like you were talking to someone on the phone.

5. A digital recorder: These devices are amazing. You will record direct to digital. Other than some miscellaneous cables that is all you need. Note I didn’t mention a computer or audio editing equipment. A computer is not a must. Most of you will not find it reasonable or cost-effective to edit your shows to “broadcast ready” form. More on that in a moment.

What does all this cost? Between $750 and $900 depending upon what you buy and whether you buy new or used. We will give you a recommended list of equipment to buy.

Step 4: Create your intros and outros and select your music beds.

We can recommend a company in Canada that lets you select from numerous male and female voices and hundreds of music tracks royalty free. You send them your verbiage (I will help you write it) and for typically less than $100 you have professional intro’s, outro’s and music.

Step 5: Start recording shows.

It is amazingly easy to get people of national stature and industry movers and shakers to talk to you. You will be shocked.

Step 6: Get your shows edited and “broadcast ready.”

I send my raw recorded audio to one of two audio editors that edit out the boo boo’s, add the intro’s, outro’s and music and get each show broadcast ready. They charge $17.50 an hour and it usually takes less than 3 hours to edit a show in final form. So for about $50 your show is ready to go.

Step 7: Use your content to make money.

Going back to the mortgage broker who called me, they told me they currently use 3 marketing tools. They mail to their house list, they are constantly trying to get more from referral sources, and they are trying some mailings and miscellaneous stuff to cold lists trying to get new prospects. The new prospect stuff isn’t working as well as they would like.

So, consistent with their ultimate objective of generating more FHA loans, more rehab loans and more reverse mortgages, they would put their shows on CD (or maybe compilations of the best segments for each topic) and promote their availability to their house list.

This educates their house list that they do all these three things. Many of your existing clients don’t know all that you do, so they go to others. Plus, if they don’t know what you do, they can’t refer people to you. Making show content visible and available to the house list would likely generate more repeat business and more referrals in the three specific areas they want to do more business.

As to their referral sources… don’t you think they look different, more expert and have a very unique approach if they can let their current and prospective referral sources know that they have a show and that this content is available with tips and strategies with national experts, best-selling authors and industry movers and shakers. Move over competitors.

As to the new prospect mailings, the offer of info from experts and pro’s on specific loan programs they are interested in is very powerful. A lot more powerful than the typical we have low rates, great service and really care ridiculousness.

Don’t you think this mortgage broker would look different, more expert and be perceived as a better resource than the competition?

Step 8: Punch up your marketing efforts.

There is a lot to this. Usually, once you start creating content,you can leverage that content to improve website lead generation and website purchase conversion, you can setup automated multiple-touch systems for prospects and referral sources, you can launch initiatives to targeted niches with powerful offers. You are able to create more powerful offers for your mailings and direct response. You radio show content can be leveraged many ways. Call me at 978-296-2700 to discuss some ideas.

Step 9: Decide whether you will do it yourself or get some help to start.

Some people who broadcast shows with us do it all on their own and just send us their shows broadcast ready.

Others, at least to start, welcome having someone to guide them through the steps so they start quickly and don’t get confused and overwhelmed. I have coaching program options.

Step 1: Select your radio station/broadcast outlet.

Decide where to broadcast and where you will get the guidance you need to make money and generate revenue with your shows. Many stations will “broker time” yet not be oriented to how you can make money with your shows.

Those are the steps. You can be broadcasting and improve your business generation efforts within 30 days.

If you would like to create or monetize your show and could use some help or guidance, contact me directly at 978-296-2700 to discuss your situation and some options, or check out the interviews, tips and strategies found in the downloads center.

Best wishes for radio show success,

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