The First Question You Should Ask Yourself If You Want To Have Your Own Radio Show.

There are a lot of questions to ask and answer when you want to have a radio show. One question is paramount. Without a satisfactory answer your show will be nothing more than a short term fun thing… and let me tell you the fun runs out real quick when you don’t have a good answer to the first question.

The question?

How will I make money?

If your answer is “I’ll sell ads for the show,” here is your first jolt of reality.

When you start out, that is the least likely way you will make money.

The reality is that until you have…

1. A “community” which might be people who regularly visit your website, receive your email newsletters and look to you for expertise of some sort, or…

2. Some sort of track record of attracting and keeping audiences, eyeballs or visitors, you just don’t look that appealing to potential advertisers.

There are better places for them to spend their money. If you start out thinking getting sponsors for on-air advertisements is the way to make money, you will be very disappointed and very frustrated.

Well, how do people use a local radio show to generate income?

Well if you are starting a business and have a defined profile of potential customers or clients, a radio show can establish recognition and credibility like no other marketing tool.

If you have an established business, you may have a client base, a mailing list and a very good idea who the “best” customers are that you want to attract to your business.

You will use your radio show to generate “content” which you will use to …

1. Generate leads and referrals. Stimulate word of mouth.

2. Cross-sell and upsell existing products/services to your client base.

3. Create recognition and credibility as an industry “expert.”

You significantly limit the business building value of hosting your own talk radio show if you think people are going to listen to it “on-air,” think you are smart and then send you checks.

That is not the way it works in the beginning.

Most people will listen to your “content” on-line, via podcast, on CD, via mp3, on a membersite or read summaries of your show distributed a myriad of ways.

We will try to open your eyes to an often over-looked powerful cost-effective marketing strategy that will make you a little bit “famous” and recognized as more “expert” than your competitors. You not only get more business but you get more of the most desired business. Larger sales. Higher margin sales. Repeat purchasers.

What makes it so much more likely that you will get this business when you have a radio show and your competitors won’t?

One word. Perception.

You are perceived to be more expert and have more credibility in the eyes of the most desired profitable clients.

Having your own radio show is almost an “unfair” marketing strategy. The business building benefits it delivers to you far exceeds the time and money you invest. Far more I believe than any other marketing tool.

So if the usual marketing methods aren’t delivering what you need or getting you there fast enough… consider hosting your own talk radio show.

You can soon be interviewing industry experts, industry insiders, news makers and raising your own profile and recognition as an expert.

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Remember, the only difference between you and others with a radio show… is that they are doing it and you are not.

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