Be a Content King with Your Own Radio Show. Start-up Tips & Benefits

Thinking of what having your own radio show might do for you?
How does it impact client attraction?
How your radio show helps you with content marketing big time.

This interview discusses start-up tips, how having your radio show compares to other marketing strategies, marketing benefits, costs and more.

Listen here.

What is covered.

– Selling/Marketing in a local or niche market? How having your own radio show helps you.
– Why more people don’t do this.
– How I started.
– My radio show syndication nightmare. What I learned you should know.
– Favorite radio show infopreneur story… the cruise boat.
– Important radio show lessons learned from a race track.
– Radio show gets you access to top clients.
– Client attraction benefits.
– Marketing benefits you may not be thinking of.
– Impact on your pricing and price resistance.
– Top tips from successful radio show hosts.- How having your own radio show impacts speed of the sales cycle. Accelerates speed of acquiring new business.
– You can “talk to anyone you want” according to someone who built a very successful business with a radio show.
– What a radio show costs.
– Steps to start your own radio show

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