Coaching & Mentoring Options
Fully Leverage the Content Creation and Business Building Benefits of Having Your Own Radio Show.

You wish to fully leverage having your own radio show to grow your businesss.

You wish to create content that will work for you long term. You desire to create a plan / work from a process / implement new strategies.

You wish an experienced hand to help you. If you are results oriented and pragmatic, accept feedback well and are willing to change behaviors and/or think about issues in a new context, these programs will help you achieve faster.

Assistance provided could be to launch a new radio show, crank up results from an existing show or focus on a specific issue/component of a larger process. Help may be strategic, tactical or calculated to improve your skills and/or marketing strategies.

The six month mentoring programs are for those with larger goals or seeking to implement multiple initiatives. Terms: All payments are made in advance or by automatic subscription. Due to the advantageous fees there are absolutely no refunds. No exceptions.

These programs are for one person only. Wish to include others in the process? Inquire about options.


A six-month program for those serious and confident that a sustained effort coupled with the right strategies and actual implementation of appropriate tactics will easily recoup a multiple of the fee invested. If the net gain you seek is a minimum of $75,000 consider this option.

This is for those who are determined to reach larger slightly more longer term objectives. Typically we work through several projects or phases to reach your objectives. The fee is $6,500 for six months of unlimited access by phone, email, fax and regular mail. The fee is easily recouped through increased business or higher fees. You may “freeze” this program at anytime until you are ready to begin again.



This is the “Regular” option on steroids. If you require a highly structured relationship with accountability for meeting goals. It is “unlimited access” with a detailed game plan, specific completion dates and formal scheduled contact times. I will enforce completion dates and accomplishment of tasks.

We choose objectives with the highest priority greatest fastest ROI characteristics. We create a detailed game plan with specific completion dates and formal scheduled contact times to discuss implementation progress and identify/eliminate obstacles preventing short-term task completion.

I will enforce completion date and task accomplishment. I provide a template with specific tasks and completion dates. You will have a formal schedule for task completion dates. This “massive action” program provides an external source of discipline (me.) You are accountable for specific completion dates for which I will follow-up with you.

This option is for those that need more structure, whose intellectual curiosity and talent (lack of organization, maybe??) cause them to wander from task to task making completion impossible or taking 3 times longer than it should, and require more urgency in generating results.

WARNING: If the brass ring is within your reach but you have been unable on your own to get it done, this is for you. BUT, understand that the only thing that matters is you ending up where you seek to be.

This is a NO B.S. whack aside the head program with direct talk and you give me permission to be a borderline jerk if necessary to knock you out of your comfort zone, stop less productive behaviors and steer you away from lower probability/lower result actions.

As this program is all about structure, discipline and getting it done, you may not “freeze” the program during the six months.



30 days of unlimited access to me by phone, email, mail, fax, etc. Schedule as much time as you need. Responses provided as needed and not subject to business hours. (e.g. a compelling thought, flash of inspiration or morning meeting may require contact on an evening or weekend.)

With this plan, and to a much greater extent the mentoring plans below, we focus on both strategy and tactics of improving your radio show and business condition.

Your strategy considers the big picture and focuses on the forest rather than the trees. The core foundation principles of marketing and sales success do not change. Issues of overall planning, positioning, leveraging, timing, specific target groups, allocating time and selecting priorities all come into play when molding your strategy.

Your tactics will vary with your circumstances, target market, business objectives, tools used and technology. With tactics we focus on the specific steps you use to accomplish your big picture goals. Which tools and technologies to use, specific messaging and value communication, steps and timing of specific actions, coordination and actual implementation of all these steps to align and accomplish your business objectives.



Want to “jump start” results? Add this option to one of the above programs. Spend 1 1/2 days with Scott in your office. We will focus on your strategy, goals and specific action plan to move forward. You can learn specifics of sales prospecting, sales conversion, role play, write your scripts, improving specific behaviors and getting infrastructure up and running. You will start cranking quick.

$5,000.00 (includes travel and accommodations within US) in addition to mentoring fee.