Your “Get Started” Radio Show Success Steps

You want to start a radio show. You want the credibility; you want to be a little bit famous, You want the content to generate leads, attract clients and close more business. Here are 9 steps to get ready for your first broadcast within 30 days. Let me use the example of a mortgage company […]

The First Question You Should Ask Yourself If You Want To Have Your Own Radio Show.

There are a lot of questions to ask and answer when you want to have a radio show. One question is paramount. Without a satisfactory answer your show will be nothing more than a short term fun thing… and let me tell you the fun runs out real quick when you don’t have a good […]

Infopreneuring with Your Own Radio Show

How to use a radio show to get “famous,” recognition as an expert and grow your business a lot very quickly…. Or…. How to attract “type A” clients, collect premium fees, create new income streams, be perceived as an expert, and secure a competitive advantage in the marketplace very cost-effectively. Your own radio show. A […]

Business Building Benefits When You are a Radio Talk Show Host

“How are you going to make money with your radio show? That is the first questions asked when someone calls me for assistance in creating or generating revenue from a radio show. If your plan is “I’ll get sponsors and sell ad spots,” you are doomed to disaster. Although counter-intuitive, the idea that you will […]

Host a Radio Show “Field of Dreams?”

It seems like an awful lot of people think that having a radio show is like the movie “Field of Dreams.” Broadcast it and they will come. It doesn’t work that way. I speak to a lot of radio show infopreneurs that have spent thousands to broadcast their show online or on a terrestrial station […]

Your Own Radio Show – Start-up Questions

A Texas Financial Consultant new to using a Radio Show as a business development tool called me this weekend. He had some typical newbie questions and the answers may surprise you. The questions related to: – Selecting a station and doing ratings research. – How much to spend on equipment. – Learning to conduct great […]