Be a Content King with Your Own Radio Show. Start-up Tips & Benefits

Thinking of what having your own radio show might do for you? How does it impact client attraction? How your radio show helps you with content marketing big time. This interview discusses start-up tips, how having your radio show compares to other marketing strategies, marketing benefits, costs and more. Listen here. What is covered. – […]

25 Years of Having Own Radio Show Experience. Patricia Raskin Shares Lessons Learned

Few can come close to the 25 years of experience Patricia Raskin has when it comes to surviving and thriving with your own radio show. Learn from someone that currently broadcasts on one of New England’s major terrestrial stations while also having a show on an online station and doing podcasts. Her shows have covered […]

Your Own Radio Show and Uber Clients. Attraction & positioning.

Fact: A small percentage of clients or customers generate the lion’s share of revenue and profit. These are the top tier “A” clients that are most sought after. These clients are the most desired not only for the revenue and profit they bring, but the prestige of having been chosen to service them. That prestige […]

Your Own Radio Show and Content Marketing

Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers. Wikipedia says so. Another definition… “the technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined target audience in order to drive profitable customer action”. […]

Spending $1,000 a week on a Radio Show. No Results. Nada. What Would You Do?

Spending $1,000 a week on a radio show and no business. No leads, no calls, no nothing. What would you do?Let me share the story of someone in that exact circumstance one month ago. Some of these six solutions may be helpful to you. From Scott ChannellMyTalkRadioShow.com978-296-2700Situation: Financial/wealth planner in major market used a radio broker to […]

Reliable Revenue From Your Radio Show: 7 Keys Before You Broadcast That First Show

Webinar Recording Reliable Revenue From Your Radio Show: 7 Keys Before You Broadcast That First Show. Used correctly, a radio show to attract top tier clients to your business or professional practice is an “unfair” strategy. Your results far exceed what you could get with other strategies. Many (actually, most) seem to think that once […]

Your “Get Started” Radio Show Success Steps

You want to start a radio show. You want the credibility; you want to be a little bit famous, You want the content to generate leads, attract clients and close more business. Here are 9 steps to get ready for your first broadcast within 30 days. Let me use the example of a mortgage company […]

The First Question You Should Ask Yourself If You Want To Have Your Own Radio Show.

There are a lot of questions to ask and answer when you want to have a radio show. One question is paramount. Without a satisfactory answer your show will be nothing more than a short term fun thing… and let me tell you the fun runs out real quick when you don’t have a good […]

Infopreneuring with Your Own Radio Show

How to use a radio show to get “famous,” recognition as an expert and grow your business a lot very quickly…. Or…. How to attract “type A” clients, collect premium fees, create new income streams, be perceived as an expert, and secure a competitive advantage in the marketplace very cost-effectively. Your own radio show. A […]

Start Your Own Radio Show for Credibility & Marketing Impact

Jim Lobaito of the has been broadcasting since 2008. As he explains it, doing his radio show helped him to come through the recession and made him a better business person. What does Jim relate in terms of the marketing and business growth benefits of having your own radio show? Well in his Radio […]