Be a Content King with Your Own Radio Show. Start-up Tips & Benefits

Thinking of what having your own radio show might do for you? How does it impact client attraction? How your radio show helps you with content marketing big time. This interview discusses start-up tips, how having your radio show compares to other marketing strategies, marketing benefits, costs and more. Listen here. What is covered. – […]

Your Own Radio Show and Uber Clients. Attraction & positioning.

Fact: A small percentage of clients or customers generate the lion’s share of revenue and profit. These are the top tier “A” clients that are most sought after. These clients are the most desired not only for the revenue and profit they bring, but the prestige of having been chosen to service them. That prestige […]

Your Own Radio Show and Content Marketing

Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers. Wikipedia says so. Another definition… “the technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined target audience in order to drive profitable customer action”. […]

Spending $1,000 a week on a Radio Show. No Results. Nada. What Would You Do?

Spending $1,000 a week on a radio show and no business. No leads, no calls, no nothing. What would you do?Let me share the story of someone in that exact circumstance one month ago. Some of these six solutions may be helpful to you. From Scott ChannellMyTalkRadioShow.com978-296-2700Situation: Financial/wealth planner in major market used a radio broker to […]

Get a Radio Show and Get More Clients. Part 2. Best Clients.

Get a Radio Show and Get More Clients. Part 2. A niche within niches. Continued from previous article here. In fact, there is even a niche within your niche. The trophy clients. The mega purchasers. The “Type A” clients that buy a lot and again and again and again. You have heard of the Pareto […]

Get a Radio Show and Get More Clients. Part 1. Radio Infopreneuring.

Radio show entrepreneurs. You want to not only be behind the mike,but sitting on a pile of money. You can do that by being an “infopreneur.” Someone who takes special knowledge and converts it to multiple income streams for competitive advantage and a healthy income. The Best Marketing Business Growth Investment You Will Ever Make… […]

Get a Radio Show and Get More Clients. Part 3. A Niche within Niches.

Three strengths of successful businesses. Find previous article of this series here. Successful growing profitable businesses tend to have three elements that fuel their growth, profitability and competitive advantage. 1. They have a cost-effective high ROI predictable repetitive marketing process. A marketing process to generate leads, inquiries, appointments or location traffic. Prospecting effectively and client […]

Your Own Radio Show. 4 Platform Questions to Ask.

Your own radio show to build your business, attract more of the better clients and give you a competitive advantage. Great marketing tool for positioning and credibility. But what platform should you broadcast from? A terrestrial “real” radio station, an online station or will podcasting do? Free, cheap, medium or higher cost? Before you choose, […]