25 Years of Having Own Radio Show Experience. Patricia Raskin Shares Lessons Learned

Few can come close to the 25 years of experience Patricia Raskin has when it comes to surviving and thriving with your own radio show.

Learn from someone that currently broadcasts on one of New England’s major terrestrial stations while also having a show on an online station and doing podcasts. Her shows have covered health, business, dating and more.

Her income model is tried by many and made successful by few.

She shares tips on what to do first if you wish to have your own radio show, show prep techniques, interviewing techniques and more.

She has attracted guests such as Maya Angelou, Dr. Oz and Mr. Wonderful himself Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame. Patrica shares techniques for landing big name guests.

Listen and learn to Patricia Raskin.

For more info on Patricia check out PatriciaRaskin.com.

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